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With Different Eyes

The Portrait in Contemporary Photography

A Cooperation between Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur and Kunstmuseum Bonn

February 26 until May 29, 2016

Works from the collection

Ruth Hallensleben: Cologne viewed from inside 'Haus der Rheinischen Heimat',
pre 1939

The building Ruth Hallensleben used as her vantage point for this photograph no longer exists. What can be seen here on the Deutz banks of the Rhine is the former cuirassier barracks, which the architect Adolf Abel began renovating in 1927 to give it a more modern feel.

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Opening hours, entrance and contact

The exhibition is open daily, except Wednesdays, 2:00–7:00 p.m., admission: €5.50 (reduced: €3.00), Entrance free on the first Monday of each month.

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Works from the collection

Boris Becker: Residential building, 1992

“We are all familiar with the feeling that certain photographs, paintings or objects are somehow just waiting to be photographed, painted or created – which is why we often view the very existence of such works as the most natural thing in the world.“
(Boris Becker, 2006)

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