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Joachim Brohm: 92 9-12, 1992, aus der Serie Areal, © Joachim Brohm / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

A Look at the Collection:
Façades & Surfaces

July 15–October 16, 2016

The exhibition Façades & Surfaces comprises more than 130 photographs produced between 1924 and 2015 by 18 photographers who examine various expressive values of façades and surfaces on different levels. The black-and-white and color photographs deal with the exteriors of buildings, materials and structures in industrial and commercial zones, with billboards, text and image messages in the urbanscape, with pictures of objects, the documentation of works of art, as well as with formal-aesthetic and media-reflexive views.

The photographs deal with exterior manifestations with a wide variety of backgrounds, moments in which the object and the respective surface of the image strongly approach one another in terms of form, as well as with material and haptic qualities that are visualized or archived by means of photography. The phenomena often prove to be both obvious as well as hidden messages that go back to individuals, yet they rarely appear themselves. All of the photographs have traced the fascination and impact of profane substances and symbols in an everyday environment and thus directly capture social and cultural sensitivities and ideals.

In accordance with the productive period of the photographers and where their works originated in the United States and Europe, the following stylistic approaches enter into a dialogue: New Objectivity and Straight Photography, Subjective Photography, New Color Photography, documentary-serial concepts, and contemporary art photographs. The exhibits all stem from the collection of Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur. Works are being presented by Boris Becker, Joachim Brohm, Chargesheimer, William Christenberry, Jim Dine, Walker Evans, Ruth Hallensleben, Peter Keetman, Siegfried Lauterwasser, Werner Mantz, August Sander, Toni Schneiders, Wilhelm Schürmann, Stephen Shore, Georgi Stanchev, Otto Steinert, Henry Wessel, and Ludwig Windstosser.

In order to avert health risks from Covid-19 as far as possible, we have set up online ticketing for you. At www.sk-kultur.de you can book tickets for visiting the exhibition and taking part in the Sunday tours (3 p.m. each time). The number of visitors and participants is limited, we ask you to take the necessary infection protection measures (protective mask and minimum distance) into account. Thank you.

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On Tour:

Boris Becker – Bunkers
Photographs of Architectures and Artefacts

Saarlandmuseum, Moderne Galerie, Saarbrücken

July 18, 2020 – January 31, 2021