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Duane Michals: I think about thinking, 2000, © Duane Michals

Duane Michals

An exhibition on the occasion of the presentation of the Cultural Award of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie to Duane Michals

October 21–November 5, 2017

The artist (*1932 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania), who is still highly active, has been working with the medium of photography since the 1950s. After studying graphic design in Denver and New York, he produced his first photographs during a trip to Russia, and photography would be an important means of artistic expression for him from then on. Duane Michals selects different forms of photographic presentation, whereby the element of the serial-narrative is assigned particular importance. It became apparent early on that the term “photograph” alone does not do justice to his complex approach with the imaginatively staged production of images. Because he is time and again concerned with the staging and heightening of impressions of reality that go beyond what is concretely documentary. Thus the sequences that Michals creates constitute an independent form of visual narrative, of photographic “stage play.” He has also been including texts in his visual works since the 1970s, mostly written by hand on the white edges of the images; simple lyrical lines that prove to be just as profound as his photographs. Duane Michals’s themes are interpersonal relationships, magic and illusion, time and memory, religion, love, and sexuality.

The exhibition will be presenting the following series from different creative phases of the artist: The Fallen Angel (1968), Dr. Heisenberg’s Magic Mirror of Uncertainty (1998), The Theatre of Real Life (2001), as well as recent photographs of still-life motifs from the 2000s.

The lenders are the Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf; KOLUMBA, Cologne; as well as the Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg and the City of Duisburg.

Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Cologne, Tel.: 0049 221/888 95 300, e-mail: photographie@sk-kultur.de, www.photographie-sk-kultur.de
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, Rheingasse 8, 50670 Köln, tel.: 0049 221/9232069, dgph@dgph.de, www.dgph.de

In order to avert health risks from Covid-19 as far as possible, we have set up online ticketing for you. At www.sk-kultur.de you can book tickets for visiting the exhibition and taking part in the Sunday tours (3 p.m. each time). The number of visitors and participants is limited, we ask you to take the necessary infection protection measures (protective mask and minimum distance) into account. Thank you.

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