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Using the Inventory

All of the surviving prints, herbaria and sculptures in the Karl Blossfeldt Collection of the Berlin University of the Arts are searchable in the inventory. Each work is viewable in three possible formats:

(1) data format, in which the image is flanked by technical data, dimensions, botanical names and details of any legible inscriptions, labels and stamps
(2) list format, where the image is presented with botanical names
(3) enlarged format.

The images show the prints in isolation and un-retouched in a black and white format.
The herbaria and sculptures are in colour. In the case of the sculptures, the works are generally photographed from two perspectives and the images presented side by side.

The position of labels on prints is shown in “(...):”,
line breaks are indicated by a forward slash “ / “,
addenda are shown in “[ ]”,
questionable legibility is indicated by a “[?]”,
illegible inscriptions are denoted by “[...]”.

Key to numbering:

Embossed signatures

Images are dated only where their origin is evidenced by a publication date. The degree of enlargement is included in the inventory only if it is indicated on the print.

If the negative of an image was identified, it is also presented. If it is part of the Deutsche Fotothek Dresden collection, the inscriptions on the negative and those of Deutsche Fotothek staff on the negative envelope are also documented. If it is part of the Karl Blossfeldt Archive/Ann and Jürgen Wilde the inscriptions on the negative have only been listed where they can be identified in the data provided by the archive. The negative dimensions have been researched using the contact sheets published in the working collages.

The publication of an image in the Blossfeldt publications listed in the bibliography is indicated by the abbreviated title of the publication and the page or illustration number. Unchanged re-editions are not shown separately. The abbreviated titles are linked with full titles in the bibliography. With the exception of the working collages, which are shown first, the publications are listed in chronological order.




Embossed signatures


Exhibition note external:

August Sander in Denmark

The Cold Gaze –
Germany in the 1920th

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

October 14, 2022 until February 19, 2023