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Offers for Schools and Universities

Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur offers individually tailored guided tours for schools and universities. They may also take place outside the regular opening hours. The guided tours are designed for the respective age group and level of knowledge. Emphasis can be placed a particular theme in consultation with teachers and lecturers.

Price: €40.00 (eleven persons or less €30.00) plus €1.50 admission per person.

Contact: Claudia Schubert, tel.: +49-(0)221-88895 303, schubert@sk-kultur.de?




You can also purchase the catalogue
of the exhibition FROM BECHER
from us


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NEW EDITION – fabric bag with a choise of two motifs by Roselyne Titaud


each € 21,00, signed edition 50, made from sustainably produced cotton
€ 49 combined price one bag with the publication "Roselyne Titaud - Géographies des limites humaines"

Editions and publications can be ordered via e-mail (photographie@sk-kultur.de)

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