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Francesco Neri: Fontana, 19/07/2009

Francesco Neri’s portrait describes a lingering moment, a short interruption in everyday actions. In a summery atmosphere a woman is sitting at a table in the shade, she is gazing calmly at the camera, her pose is relaxed. And it seems as if the photographer was sitting opposite her and has interrupted their conversation for the moment in which the photo was taken. They were drinking coffee together and eating refreshing fruit, perhaps it was dessert after lunch.
Francesco Neri has composed his photo very carefully and purposefully. A white column divides the background in two and at the same time it highlights the subject in the foreground. Neri has deliberately kept the background area on the right blurred, which gives the predominant light a special, original shine, leaving the area on the left more shadowed. The situation however is very specific, because the family dog is lying below the branches of a fir tree.
The photo is part of Neri’s series Farmers. All of the portraits in this group were taken in the region close to Faenza in northern Italy, where he lives. The Reggio Emilia region is influenced by industry, but farming and farm life still play a key role. For the photographer too, this rural area is important, as defining impressions from his childhood are connected to it. And finally, these elements of memory play an essential role in Francesco Neri’s photographic and artistic development.

Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur


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