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Frank Dömer: Hag, 2002, © Frank Dömer

Frank Dömer: Hag, 2002

Shades of natural brown and green color tones characterize Frank Dömer's photography. In the center of the picture are two buildings of different sizes, one behind the other, with a wooden facade and a gable roof. There are only a few windows. The ensemble of buildings stands on a meadow slope, behind it a path with trees, perhaps the edge of a forest. A white silo can be seen at the side. Apparently, these are simple and functionally constructed utility buildings on a farm, such as stores for hay, wood or tools, and stables for cattle are also possible.
    The photograph was made in Switzerland. There the artist developed his long-term project of documenting the different architectures found in the landscape. When comparing his numerous motifs, the design differences as well as the variety of materials that the constructions feature are striking. And this despite the fact that these are purely useful buildings in a certain region, not built for residential purposes, without ambition for representation, without decorative elements or ornamental details. The material often shows traces of wind and weather. Repairs remain visible and tell us about the underlying work and thus about the living conditions of those who use the buildings. And yet these constructions have their very own aesthetics and naturally connect with the surrounding landscape. They are essential aspects of a grown cultural landscape.

In addition to photography, painting is one of Frank Dömer's artistic means of expression. Depictions of landscapes and nature, often combined with designed form elements, are frequently the subject of his paintings, which he leads from the representational to abstraction.

Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln

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