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Judith Joy Ross: Untitled, from: Portraits at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1984 © Judith Joy Ross

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Judith Joy Ross: Untitled, from Portraits at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D. C., 1984

The gaze of the young woman, photographed by the American photographer Judith Joy Ross, is thoughtful and full of pain. The portrait was taken at the memorial to those killed in the Vietnam War in Washington D.C. In 1983 and 1984, Ross traveled to this special place of remembrance several times and brought impressively empathetic portraits of the visitors with her. At that time, Judith Joy Ross' personal life situation was also marked by loss and grief and the monument seemed to her a suitable place to reflect these existential emotional experiences photographically.
        Judith Joy Ross works primarily in the field of portraits. She uses a large-format camera (8 x 10 inch) and works out most of her pictures as contact sheets. The views are finely drawn and impress with their intense expressiveness. The subjects to which the photographer, living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, turns to and which she puts into series date from various towns and urban districts of her home country. There she uses everyday moments in the life of the residents as an occasion for her portraits (e.g. in Freeland, Pennsylvania, 2004). She also looks at social and political phenomena, and photographs participants in demonstrations (Protest the War, 2006-2007), campaign helpers (Elections, 1990-2008) or US Army recruits on the eve of the Gulf War (US Army, Reserves on Red Alert, Gulf War Rallies, 1990). Children and adolescents are particularly close to Judith Joy Ross, she has created several photographic series in schools and libraries and thus referred to the fundamental importance of education and culture (Portraits of the Hazleton Public Schools, 1992–1994).

In 2011/2012, Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur presented an extensive retrospective of Judith Joy Ross, accompanied by a publication (Judith Joy Ross. Photographs since 1982, Munich: Schirmer / Mosel, 2011).

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