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Natascha Borowsky: Untitled, Remedies # 1, 1998, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Natascha Borowsky

Works from the collection

Natascha Borowsky: Untitled, Remedies # 1, 1998

On a monochrome background, Natascha Borowsky has photographed a mysterious-looking object. It has a narrow rounded shape with a slanted end and seems to consist of a condensed filigree substance. The white coloration alternates, the surface has a slight sheen. Despite the representational reduction, which does not allow any reference to the origin or function of the object, one associates it with organic material, thinks of bones, fish bones, parts of an animal skeleton. The title "Remedies", which the artist chose for her series, from which the motif originates, finally leads to the right track. In 1997/1998, during a stay in Canada, Natascha Borowsky came across an assortment of remedies from traditional Chinese medicine in a store. Fascinated by the strangeness of the objects made of plant and animal components, which are used in dried, crushed or even powdered form for treatment, she selected individual striking pieces for photographic representation. But Natascha Borowsky has left out any exoticism in her almost meditative-looking pictorial work. She concentrates entirely on the object, adapting the background in tonality and color temperature. She succeeds in this in a very special way by producing specific jelly-like substances from liquids, extracts, binding agents and starches, which serve as the carrier material of the object to be photographed.
    This special correspondence between object and created background characterizes other series by Natascha Borowsky. For example, for the Hetjens Project, in 2009, she photographed archaeological finds such as masks or figurines on material or hairy supports. The collection of Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur includes works from the series "Remedies" as well as an early series of leaf motifs.

Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln

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