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Peter Weller: Friedrichshütte, Herdorf/Sieg, undated

Peter Weller: Friedrichshütte, Herdorf/Sieg, undated

It is thanks to Bernd Becher that the work of the photographer Peter Weller (1868-1940) from the Siegerland enjoys such recognition today. Becher saw in Weller’s objective view, documentary concept and systematic approach a historic precedent to his own photographic work. Since 2003 ca. 800 glass negatives by Weller have been part of the collection of Die Photographische Sammlung. The photographer had sold them to the Siegerländer Heimatverein in 1919, as he had been one of their first members and he had a serious historical and cultural interest in the region. In about 1900 Peter Weller began to take photos of his local environment around Kirchen, the place where he then lived. He was interested in the typical phenomena which characterized the area such as the numerous mines and ironworks, agriculture and local “Haubergswirtschaft”, a special form of forestry and farming. He also captured images of people’s daily work and views of large and small towns and villages. Weller began the photographic project which he continued until the beginning of the First World War of his own accord. He earned his living as an employee in the mine administration. In 1910 and 1913 Weller’s photographs could already be seen in exhibitions in Altenkirchen and Essen.

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